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Each performance has a base price. Final price varies depending on location, date, and additional add-ons to show. Select a show, and book us online to receive a quote for a performance. We will get back to you promptly!

Two Lions 雙獅

Two lions and our music team. Great for all events and audiences big and small, a real crowd teaser!

Multiple Lions 群獅

Turn your party into a spectacle with a band of lions! Your choice of style, color, and type. All will be amazed.

Drunken 醉獅

A "drunken style" lion performance involving a wine jug prop. A fun and entertaining story for any occasion.

Bench 橋青

The main objective of the lion is to find its food, or in lion dance terms, the “Chang (青)." The lion will get on the benches, symbolizing a bridge, to approach the Chang. The routine represents "overcoming obstacles."

High Pole 一柱擎天

Dancing on the high pole represents “advancing upwards each step (步步高升),” and is good for growing revenue for a business.

Jong Performance 梅花樁

A modern lion dance performance where the lion leaps from pole to pole, demonstrating different acrobatic movements. We are the only group in Seattle who performs this high energy act; a performance not to be missed!

Thunderous Drum Show 金鼓齊鳴

 Lion dance drum set performance. Great for drawing in a crowd or kicking off a program.

Self-Defense 101 Workshop

Incorporating Choy Lay Fut style Kung Fu applications within real-world situations, our self-defense workshops provide quality introductory-level training for all. Emphasizing a culture of community building and safety.

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